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Tug & Barge / Vessel Charter, FCL and LCL to multiple destinations around globe; Unimaju has direct contracts across all major carriers, ensuring that your cargo departs on schedule and onboard reliable partners. And with Unimaju’s network of GPS-tracked vessels you will gain greater end-to-end visibility.

Depending on your needs, we offer express or affordable services, our Port of Origin and Port of Destination teams can help you optimize your needs. Each shipment will be tailored to be either price-sensitive or time-sensitive. Whether you choose cost-effective routes or time-saving routes, you always have the same quality of service and flexibility.

Shipbroker / Tug & Barge Chartering

Easy plans for the charter of ships or barges. Get flexible Voyage or Time Charter contracts options. Convenience and punctuality with Unimaju Logistics never seem so easy.

We are committed to being an industry leader in environmental stewardship by means of modal efficiency and actively pursuing methods to reduce the consumption of natural resources throughout our operations. For us and our customers, this means moving more freight over longer distances, using less energy and water (distance) to produce less waste.

Commodities Shipping - Oil & Dry Cargo

We offer barge charter for various types of cargo such as coal, PKS, petcoke, sulphur, gypsum, feldspars, woodchips, scrap metal, palm oil mill machineries and other types of mineral cargoes. We also have oil barges that transport Crude Palm Oil (CPO). We can offer for both spot and COA basis.

Support for Regional Trading

Our goal is to be able to support economic growth and trade (regional and national) while at the same time alleviating pollution by reducing congestion and improving mobility. All machines and floating equipment shall be maintained in accordance with internationally verified quality standards to ensure the safety of the customer and minimize downtime. Our seagoing crew are fully licensed and trained in the local knowledge and skills needed to meet the challenging tidal and weather conditions found in the ecologically sensitive South East Asian environment.

We own and operate fleets of tugboats and barges providing cost-effective maritime transport services for general cargo, containers, machinery, construction materials, heavy equipment and vehicles between East and West Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

FCL Shipping Services

Access top-tier ocean carriers, quicker depot gate entry and transparent cargo movement with Unimaju ocean service.
Team Support on All Shipping Options

Unimaju offers access to many FCL sailings across multiple carriers that creates a dynamic supply chain. We have teams at origin and destination that can help you evaluate the best time or value option, suitable for your needs.

Ship with Trusted Carriers with Better Rates

Unimaju has direct contracts with all major carriers, ensuring that your cargo sails are on schedule with reliable partners. And with Unimaju's network of GPS-tracked vessels, you will gain greater end-to-end visibility. Our excellent service team and diversified customer portfolio enable us to form a strong alliance with ocean carriers, thus ensuring better shipping rates.

Unimaju FCL Premium Service Offerings

Unimaju offers a Premium Guaranteed service for important cargoes. We ensure that the most urgent cargo of our customers arrives at their destination on time. Unimaju delivers transit time estimates based on an advanced data model that includes carrier schedule information, historical shipment data such as port dwell time, and real-world conditions such as the distance between the port and the final destination to facilitate more accurate supply chain planning.

LCL Shipping Service

Mixing your valued goods with others in LCL can be a headache. But with Unimaju, you get access to LCL network that spans across the world optimized for speed, visibility, and safety.
Unimaju’s LCL Makes Your Supply Chain Better

Unimaju's LCL offers unequaled network across significant shipping courses, while empowering our customers to improve for working capital by understanding their inventory needs better. Customers profit by the joined size of the whole Unimaju client network when they choose our LCL service.


We use innovation to make transporting smoother, vetting each customer's information and screening shipments to lessen the danger of customs investigations and delays. Also, combining experience and data, we can move your LCL to its destination quicker and all the more effectively. Unimaju's provides end-to-end visbility by utilizing live GPS tracking and data collected. What's more, a devoted LCL group is there to deal with any inquiries you have to keep you up to date.

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