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Unimaju customs experts assist you in the clearance of merchandise by customs authorities around the world, allowing you to comply with all relevant laws and regulations for both origin and destination.

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Custom Brokerage & Trade Services

Custom Brokerage

Hassle Free Documentation and Declaration.


Better Rates, Underwriting Risk and Faster Claims.

Trade Financing

Financing Your Growth and Expansion.

Trade Advisory

Supply Chain Guidance and Consulting.

Customs Brokerage and Clearance

Comply with all relevant laws and regulations for both origin and destination.
Industry Expertise

Our customs department has decades of experience and is able to help you manage the dynamics of foreign trade. And with cloud storage for all your corporate activity records, as well as real-time communication and alerts, you'll still know the location and status of your cargo — anywhere in the planet.

Reliable Customs Submissions

Submitting main documents late or improperly can result in delays, checks, penalties and fines. Our management infrastructure facilitates smooth collaboration and provides all partners with real-time, actionable updates to ensure that documentation are delivered on time—keeping the shipments on track and on budget..

Classification of HS Codes

Before importing a commodity, you must define the Harmonized System (HS) Code for the measurement of relevant duties, tariffs and other taxes. Our customs department acts as the second line of protection, helping to verify commodity classifications in order to avoid expensive errors and ensuring that the products arrive at their destination.

Trade Compliance

Governments around the world are insisting that importers and exporters conform with ever-changing laws and regulations. Our industry specialists will help you negotiate these conditions and keep you up to speed with the latest trends impacting markets around the world. Please rely on our global network of trade experts to help you reach new markets in a smooth and compliant manner.

Vessel and Cargo Insurance

We deliver inexpensive shipping insurance with greater coverage, quicker premium resolution, and peace of mind.
Comprehensive Coverage at a Fraction

Most freight protection is poor with stifling criteria. You can get cheaper premiums and bumped-up coverage by filing claims without hassle. The Unimaju department is responsible for time-consuming details — so you don't have to.

Attractive Rates

You have access to all-risk programs at affordable prices and increased coverage for Unimaju shipments (i.e. detention / deterrence, missing or fake original bills of lading, interruption or business loss).

Fast Insurance Settlements with Higher Value

We're taking care of the specifics of your argument. If your cargo is damanged, Unimaju will have your back on it. And it can take months to settle lawsuits against any of these ocean carriers. Unimaju is special, helping you to regain the full value of your products more easily.

Additional Layer of Protection

For those with general insurance plans, Unimaju's cargo insurance offers an extra form of insurance coverage for the service. General insurance claims will result in substantial premium rises that would impact long-term supply chain costs. However, with our partner's insurance policies, claims for cargo loss may be separated from each shipment, helping to minimize the effects of unusual accidents on the premium of the general policy plan.

Trade Advisory

Provides credible experience and customized approaches to the most challenging customs, regulatory and supply chain issues.
Makes Your Supply Chain Better

Learn how you can prevent expensive compliance errors, automate your customs valuation & duty expense, respond to customs enquiries & fines and set up a best-in-class compliance plan. We specialize in building robust and compliant supply chains at Unimaju. Our team of trade professionals and licensed customs brokers will help you mitigate operating risk, develop best practices and improve the supply chain's capacity to survive potential storms.

Advisory Team as Your Guide

Whether you're trying to grasp the effect of tariffs or considering how to respond to a customs request, our team of trade experts will help you minimize disruption, evaluate your choices and risks, and figure out a plan to optimize the bottom line of the supply chain.

Experienced in Advising for:

    Compliance Best Practices & Management
    Country of Origin Analysis
    Tariff Classification
    Trade Remedy
    Customs Valuation
    Duty Refund/Savings
    Duty Drawback

Offering Guidance for all:

Our Trade Advisory department puts together a rare mix of trade law and customs trading experience, ensuring you still have the best trade specialist to call.

You are experts on your goods and business; we are experts on the new laws, data and tactics for global trading. We serve as an extension of your staff – acting as a sounding board and offering valuable tools for developing, preparing and initiating regulatory management projects.

When your business has been subject to a customs fine because you import a high-duty product, tariffs accounts for a much greater proportion of the cost of products sold than ever before. Unimaju Trade Advisory will help you find ways to reduce potential customs costs while also finding ways to reclaim previous duties paid.

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