Quality and Reliable Ground Services

With advanced monitoring systems and a network of
high-quality trucking partners in every area we operate, Unimaju is designed to transport freight efficiently and on schedule.

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Top Notch Ground Service

Advanced Tools for Seamless Connectivity

Trucking suppliers and businesses will be scheduled for pick-ups and deliveries and have digital delivery orders. So all decisions are tracked in real time, providing you the details you need to connect directly with Unimaju and the team whenever possible.

Latest Updates on Arrrival

When the freight is unloaded from a container or a plane, Unimaju's technology and management staff guarantee that our trucking partners have quick access to the details they need to guarantee that the freight is shipped on schedule.

Transparent Fees and Budgeting

Trucking prices and costs can be a nightmare when reconciling invoices with conventional forwarders. Unimaju offers line-by-line breakdowns on each and all costs, ensuring invoices and quotations match, saving the staff money and resources over budget.

Cost Effiiciency and End-to-End Tracking

Reduce Fees and Uncertain Charges

The failure of communications can lead to delays and excessive fees. Unimaju operates closely with both consumers and trucking firms on the surface with vital shipping information such as HS codes and Commercial Invoices directly inside our network to keep shipments on schedule and on time.

Live GPS Tracking

Traditionally, the distribution leg is the most critical and least visible component of the shipment. By allowing trucking partners or businesses to operate directly on the Unimaju network, we will provide you with real-time alerts so that you can properly schedule your delivery. This makes the work of the logistics staff smoother and saves time and resources.

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