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Unimaju provides best-in-class air freight experience,
providing consumers granular and end-to-end insight, quality operation and personalized, data-driven supply chain solutions.

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Leadership and Support in Aviation

Expertise and Insights

Our advisory team has extensive experience in the aviation industry, offering valuable insights and creating asset-backed strategies for freight transport. Our regional staff is informed about relevant laws, enforcement and best practices, offering useful advice and support anytime you need it.

Strong Ground Operations

Faster travel times for Air freight are achieved by a strong ground service. Unimaju has invested in a network of freight stations in all of our main gateways that are operated by our industry-leading technologies to offer genuinely quality and value-added services. Our network of proprietary and affiliate warehouses is designed to automate field operations and transfer the freight from port seamlessly.

Transparent, Flexible and Customizable Solutions

Access top-tier air carriers, quicker transit times and flexible schedule with Unimaju air service.
Real-Time Visibility

Delivery of the air freight on schedule is important. You get real-time insight from pick-up to final mile distribution. And with committed, global air shipment tracking teams on call 24/7, we insure that your time-sensitive freight arrives at its final destination as scheduled.

Robust Carrier Network

Our network with main carrier contracts ensures that you can enjoy reliable, competitive, best-in-class coverage with regular uplift schedules to fulfill any transit time. Our scope includes all the high demand trading routes within Asia, US and Europe.

Efficient Planning

The service team optimizes the right schedules for routing, pricing and distribution, enabling the full order-to-cash process. Every supply chain is special, and we provide direct, regular and staggered services to match the distribution timeline. So at any moment, our operation is flexible enough to reposition resources on the basis of the unique needs.

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